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My birthday is coming up, it's time to learn how to make cocktails.

 Just today I received a steel set of tools for their preparation from the La Kitchen Applesses:

                           OXO GOOD GRIPS STEEL SPINNING BAR SPOON,                             


Ensures preregistered portion control Helps mix cocktails quickly and efficiently. Prevents drips and soils. Fits most size liquor bottles.

Controls the pour for more accurate measurements.

Whether you're separating seeds or mulling spices, the Mini Strainer is a useful tool to have on hand. It features fine mesh for thorough straining, and stainless steel, double-rod construction for strength and stability. The small loop at one end allows it to balance atop cups for one-handed use. Handy for brewing tea, straining, and separating, 

which the Strainer's raised lip forces liquids to strain through the springs, preventing drips and puddles. The soft finger rest offers comfort while straining, and the short handle allows for convenient storage. Designed to strain cocktails without dripping. Durable stainless steel body effectively strains ice, fruit, and more from drinks for smooth cocktails  



   All goods are Dishwasher Safe.

For making Mojito I'm gonna use:
Lime 1 pc
5-7 fresh mint twigs
Sugar syrup (or 3 teaspoons of sugar) 20 ml
Highly carbonated drinking water (or soda)
Ice. Usually used crashed ice, but since there will be minors among the guests, I will prepare non-alcoholic Mojito and I will use figured ice for more beautiful look.
If you decide to make Mohito after this article and use crushed ice,  put it in a tight plastic bag, and wrap the bag in a towel. Then knock on it with a rolling pin or a hammer for chops until the ice turns into a fine crumb.
Also I will need:
 OXO Spinning Bar Spoon 12IN.
   Washing lime and cut in half. One half of lime cutting into small slices, the other half I'll use to decorate the finished cocktail.
Next step:
Washing mint and separating the leaves from the twigs.
Putting into the cooled glass.
Crushing with Spinning Bar Spoon until a bright mint flavor appears.
The Spinning Bar Spoon helps ensure proper  technique without the effort. It has the length of a classic bar spoon, but doesn’t require changing your grip to keep the back of the spoon against the edge of the glass. Spoon spins while I stir for effortlessly professional result

Now adding lime wedges.

To make sugar syrup, using pour 3 tsp of sugar into a small saucepan and pour 3 tsp of water. Bring to a boil and dissolve the sugar. Once the sugar has dissolved, the syrup is ready. Cool the prepared syrup quickly by placing the pan on ice or in cold water.

I don't eat sugar, so I'm adding honey.

Also  Instead of sugar syrup, you can add sugar in a glass with mint and lime. In this case, it's better to add a little soda water to the sugar and stir until the sugar is completely dissolved.

Sugar can be used white or brown. Brown sugar gives Mojito a subtle caramel flavor.
 If you making  alcoholic mojito - just  add rum to the cocktail.

Now mixing gently with OXO Spinning Bar Spoon, trying to grab
the ingredients from the bottom of the glass. CONTOURED HANDLE provides a comfortable grip. Spoon spins while you stir for effortlessly professional result. 12 IN LENGTH easily gets to the bottom of tall mixing glasses.

Pouring some chilled sprite.

And also knead until the juice appears.

Now you can pour in rum, if you making alcohol Mojito.

Adding ice into the glass to the top.

With OXO GOOD GRIPS STEEL ICE TONGS, STAINLESS STEEL I'n not worry about slipping on errant ice cubes scattered on the floor, thanks to Ice Tongs’ sharp teeth! They make it easy to grab and hold ice and place it into glasses. Soft grips and a locking switch provide comfort and convenience. . Because they get a solid grip on ice when . serving cocktails.
 Chilling drinks requires gently spinning , especially if you making spirit-based ice in the glass to keep the cocktails crisp and clear, and to help prevent frothing or unwanted ice chips that could occur while shaking – OXO GOOD GRIPS STEEL SPINNING BAR SPOON, helps to stir like an expert that's very important, because the proper technique required to stirring and also prevent  the ice from chipping.
Pouring  sparkling water, filling the glass to the top.

Garnish Mojito with a slice of lime, a sprig of mint and serve immediately.

It's 82 degrees today the ice is melting fast and the stars of ice are become rounded. Apparently, next time, I will use crushed ice for the preparation, add figured ones for decoration just before serving.
Let me know in comments if you tried to make mohito, after reading this blog, did you used sugar / sugar syrop oh honey like me? which kind of ice did you used crashed or figured? Did you used OXO GOOD GRIPS STEEL SPINNING BAR SPOON, OXO GOOD GRIPS STEEL ICE TONGS ? If yes, how do you like them?   You can find them on
  (Or click the link La Cuisine Appliances in linktree in my bio)  USE code MILENANARCISO 
La Cuisine Appliances Promo Codes & Deals for the most updated list of deals.. 

Have a great weekend!


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